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  • Born in Wheeling, Missouri, 11/6/1923 and reared in Miami, Florida.

  • Marriage: Doris M. Wheeler. Five children. 13 grandchildren. 13 great-grandchildren.

  • Education: A. B. and M. A. degrees from Pasadena College (now Point Loma Nazarene University). Honorary D. D. from Trevecca Nazarene College (now Trevecca Nazarene University). Graduate studies at Columbia Theological Seminary.

  • Pastor: 35 years in Florida, Georgia, and Massachusetts.

  • Teacher: Pasadena College (5 years); Eastern Nazarene College (4 years).
    Editor: Herald of Holiness (13 years).

  • Radio Speaker: Showers of Blessing (7 years).

  • Revivalist, Conference Speaker, throughout U. S., in Canada, Mexico, and Belize.

  • Writer: 24 books, hundreds of articles.

  • Served since 2/1/2004 as pastor of First Church of the Nazarene of Gainesville, Georgia.

  • Went to be with the Lord Dec 20, 2010

As the family gathered to take care of final arrangements for my dad, we began to reflect on his life and the influence he had on so many people. Going through his things was exceptionally tough as the memories brought tears, laughter and the emotional roller coaster that comes to those who have lost someone dear. We exchanged stories and memories of Dad and were comforted by the experience. We were overwhelmed with the volume of writing we encountered - articles, devotionals, studies, poems and manuscripts. There were hundreds of disks, mountains of written material and a few unfinished projects. I pictured Dad at his computer, creating something new- always writing, always reading. He was such a humble man, never boasting of his work but producing things he hoped would help those in their journey through life. I was amazed at the manuscripts that I knew would never be published. It seemed such a waste of talent to write something others would never see. The last few months of his life were filled with new endeavors and he wrote and preached until he died. So many of his poems were about the woman he loved for over 68 years, my mother, the inspiration for his work, his accomplishments, his very life. They were a team for the ages. We will surely miss him, but I am thankful for the memories, for his dedication to the God he loved, for his example as a father and husband and for the creative genius that produced the wonderful, inspiring writing from a man who was totally sold out to the Lord. What a heritage I have, what a Savior I serve

I want to offer a word of explanation about X and O, the characters who dominate the cartoons on this webpage. My wife and I were visiting with our oldest son and his family in Jacksonville, Florida. One night I dreamed I saw an X and O standing together. I heard X complain, "My joint hurts." O responded, wryly, "I never have that problem." Next morning I told the family about it. They laughed, and may have thought I was losing my mind.

The next night I saw X and O again in a dream. Near them stood C who looked like an O with a missing section. I heard O call out, "Pull yourself together." When I related that dream they laughed again, but somewhat quizzically. Without warning or invitation these two letters invaded my consciousness day and night for several days. I began to scribble down their snippets of conversation. Within two weeks I had well over 100 entries in my little notebook.

The little rascals had assumed personalities. X was given to barbed comments; O was gentler but capable of zingers now and then. I sensed that they were friends who enjoyed teasing each other but hung together against any threats from outsiders. They lived quietly in my mind and study for some time.

I decided to feature them in a book of devotions. In that way I could impress them into the service of Jesus Christ, whose service has been the passion of my life since I was sixteen years old. So, for whatever it's worth, here they are. I hope readers find it both relaxing and challenging, both comical and serious - in a word, lifelike.

     Brother Bill

"The material presented on this site may be used and reproduced with due respect to the memory of the author."

Bruce McCumber


Arriving home from school that afternoon, I was greeted at the door with the message that my grandfather had died. Shaken I entered the house, and as I passed through the kitchen, I overheard my father relaying the dreadful news to his brother. The reality of what had happened came crashing down on me, and though I loved my grandpa, the pain that filled my heart was for my father; never had I experienced anything like the scene being played in our home that day.
When the news had been reported to those who needed to know, Dad went into the bedroom, lay across the bed and wept for a man he loved and admired more than anyone else in the world. I wanted so much to be able to do or say something that would ease his pain, but I was lost, and in my frustration I closed the door to my room and finally released the confusion and hurt that had now overpowered me.
From that moment on I was never to take my dad for granted, and a respect for his life and the sacrifices he made for his family were forever etched in my heart. Sometimes those we live closest to are the ones we seem to appreciate and support the least. I have always known my dad to be an exceptionally talented preacher and speaker, and I do appreciate the accomplishments he has labored so hard to achieve.

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