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Pursuing Holiness

This is a book of devotions. Each one is a response to what the Lord says to us in a passage from the New Testament. They are being offered to encourage, inspire and help any disciple of Christ who is serious about pursuing holiness. These devotions are for preachers and laypersons alike. I believe that anyone who reads these passages of Scripture and these devotional reflections in response to them will be helped.

Come In! The Door Is Open

Dr. Nelson Perdue, Tenured Evangelist, Church of the Nazarene writes of the author ... He opens the Gospel of John and gives us deep insights into the Life and Ministry of our Lord Jesus Christ. He presents Christ as "The Door" through which all must walk to enter into His Kingdom. Everyone who reads this book, in which Christ is the central theme, will be informed, instructed and inspired as they make their pilgrimage to a better world.

Action! The Gospel of Mark

 Mark is regarded by most Bible scholars as the earliest of the four Gospels. It is the briefest and those most like it, namely Matthew and Luke, follow the general order of Mark. Whether it was written first or not, the message of Mark contains truth enough to inform and save all who will believe its witness to Jesus Christ. I have not written in technical language for biblical scholars. I write for laypersons without training in the fields of interpretation, and especially for those who are getting into the Gospel of Mark for the first time (taken from "Introduction" of "Action! The Gospel of Mark")


This Jesus

Let me tell you why I wrote this little book. First of all, I love Jesus and I welcome any means of telling others about Him. Second, I am troubled by "emergent theory" that is moving toward an "emergent church." Leaders of this "conversation" or "movement" call themselves "post-modern" and I guess if you need a tag that one is about as good as another. My concern about them springs from their distortions of Scripture and their diminishing of Jesus ... More disturbing to me is the fact that the Jesus they talk about is not the Jesus of Scripture ... Only the Jesus disclosed to us in the New Testament is relevant to our times and adequate for our salvation. To diminish Him is to destroy ourselves.
(taken from "Introduction" of "This Jesus")

Square Peg

"This is my memoir. It is not a history of local, state, national, or world events. This is not biographical vignettes of other people. The focus is narrow, virtually confined to what went on in my life--which is something like beating the humdrum. I am not rich, famous, or even colorful. I have written this memoir for family members from whom I have been often separated in time and space. They are especially for my children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Anyone else who is curious enough to read them should keep that in mind. I chose the title because it fits me. I have been, throughout my career, the proverbial square peg in a round hole. I have often been a substitute and nearly always a misfit. Nevertheless, life has been good and I have no complaints.

The Woman God Gave Me

Adam said it first--"the woman you gave me..." He was talking to God and trying to alibi his disobedience by blaming it on his wife and on God who gave him that wife. When I talk to God about the woman He gave me, I praise Him for her. She deserves no blame for any wrong I've ever done, and deserves much credit for all the good I've ever done I saw Doris for the first time when I was sixteen. I was walking away from our house with a friend. She was walking alone in the opposite direction. My friend greeted her and introduced me ... After a few dates with her I was in love. She had a smile that rivaled sunlight. She was genuine and witty. She saw something good in everyone and carried no grudges. Her laughter was spontaneous, and her sympathies were genuine. I decided that I wanted to serve a life-sentence with her. This book is available for $3 plus shipping.

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